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January 20, 2009

Czlowiek, jego rasy i zycie…

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Experts about Caucasoid race  from “Czlowiek, jego rasy i zycie” under redaction of Jan Czekanowski, in Polish only. Originally scanned by Corda.

To download it, click here.


January 14, 2009

The complete work of Charles Darwin online

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Generally I dont have anything more to add beside of giving link to your hands:

January 10, 2009

Some environmental factors in biological diffrentation …

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Full title: “Some environmental factors in biological diffrentation of human populations”  by Tatiana Aleksiejewa (also know as Tatiana Alekseeva), very good thing, need to read it ;).

Karol Szajnocha on “Germanic” origins of Lechtians

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Karol Szajnocha

Karol Szajnocha

Here I give to the public –  work of great Polish (in fact of Czech origin) historian, Karol Szajnocha. His book speaks ’bout hypothesis of “norman” (mean most likely simply nothern, or Viking) origin of Lechians. Oh, I almost forgot, its in Polish.

If you want to download it, click here (mirror).

January 8, 2009

Types in Poland after Talko-Hryncewicz

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In “Człowiek na ziemiach naszych” (1910), table:

Julius Talko-Hryncewicz's table

Przeglad Antropologiczny 1955 (plates)

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Originally scanned by Corda (thanks).

January 7, 2009

Gothiscanzaaaa! On Germanics in Poland

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Source: Focus Historia 4/2008
Originally scanned by Mati.

Crania Aegyptiaca by Samuel George Morton (1844)

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Thing that I have recently found, not readed yet and I dont have much time for it at the moment. Feel free to comment it or give me your review of it, so I could post it ;).

Full title: Crania Aegyptiaca: Or, Observations on Egyptian Ethnography, Derived from Anatomy, History, and the Monuments

To download it, click here (mirror).

Pochodzenie i rasa Słowian…

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or “Origin and race of the Slavs” by Lubomir Czupkiewicz, Nortom.  First of all, that is only fragment (if you want full, simply buy it) of whole work obviously. Then, I need to say that L. Czupkiewicz in fact is not an anthropologist (he’s historian as far as I know) so don’t take it to serious, its only his own interpretation of various books. Mainly 30’s-like typological view.

To download it, click here.

The Races of Europe – Richard McMahon

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A very, very interesing ebook here you have, written by mr McMahon (I specially upload it to the local server too, cause I don’t want to loose it anyway.  Good written, with simple examples of anthropological trends in various countries and et cetera.

To download it, click here (original link).

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