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February 5, 2009

Alex Fantalov’s mythological paintings

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Here, once again I post something a bit diffrent to other posts that Ive done in past. I mean, here you have ilustrations of myths of indo-european and non-indo-european populations, plus articles on it and their relation on each other, thats freaking awesome methinks. Besides, there’s need to take some time for art, not only play video games and porn like average american teenagers, lol 😛 haha. You can contact author (Alex Fantalov) via mail. Let it be.

(Link to the website).

Comparative-mythological materials:

The original characters of Indo-European gods

Indo-European mythologies: genesis and evolution of characters

Indo-European mythologies structure in social-historical aspect

Summary table of Indo-European gods

The faces of German-Scandinavian gods on fronts of Saint Petersburg and Moscow houses

The mythologies in the pictures:

Scandinavian mythology 1

Scandinavian mythology 2

Scandinavian mythology 3

Celtic mythology 1

Celtic mythology 2

Celtic mythology 3

Arthur’s cycle

Slav mythology 1

Slav mythology 2

Slav mythology 3

Slav mythology 4

Slav mythology 5

Slav mythology 6

Slav mythology 7

Slav mythology 8.

Slav mythology 9.

Russian epos 1

Russian epos 2

Russian epos 3

Ugrian mythology


Zoroastrian mythology 1

Zoroastrian mythology 2

Zoroastrian mythology 3

Greek mythology 1

Greek mythology 2

Greek mythology 3

Greek mythology 4

Hittite and Etruskan mythologies.

Indian mythology 1

Indian mythology 2

Indian mythology 3

Indian mythology 4

Chinese mythology 1

Mesopotamian mythology

Christianity and Mythology.


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