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March 9, 2009

Slavic identity and music #1

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Small presentation of bands that show in their lyrics or in their main image Slavic identity, pride of our people. Some of them are more or less famous, controversial or interesing, anyway enjoy (its first part of series of posts on that kind of music).

Zadruga – Polish rock band from Toruń, formed in late 89’s under name Zadruga, as continuation of earlier punk band Pluton E. Name come from “Zadruga”, that was for early southern Slavs kind of social order/society; but can as well reffer to Polish neopagan, proslavic and nationalistic organisation that was popular in some circles (f.e. Szukalski, artist) Most if not all lyrics of the band ware neopagan (see rodzima-wiara) and had promote Slavic identity (Słowianie, my bracia Słowianie, nam nic już na drodzę nie stanie) & (kind of) brotherhood, as well as nationalism and/or patriotism. They recorded one demo (Goreją Wici; 1991) and one MC tape “1991-1996” (1996), that its going to be relased again in the moment on CD format. You can listen to it here.

Warraha – Its symphonic neofolk created by Kelthuz in 2001 yr, .

Arkona – its a Russian folk-metal band, concentrated at pagan and slavic themes, formed in 2002 in Dolgoprudny as Hiperboreja, by Masza Archipowa, Jewgienij Kniazjew, Jewgnienij Borzow, Ilja Bohatyriew, Aleksandr Koroliew and Olga Łoginowa. Later they changed their name for Arkona, where name reffers to the Arkona island (nowdays in Germany), where was most propably last stronghold of old slavonic faith. Some of their clips and mp3 you can watch and download up here (official website). I recommend song “Славься Русь” the most.

Sokół & Pono “Nie lekceważ nas” – its a rap song (personally I dont listen to that kind of music) with collaboration of rap vocalist from almost all Slavic countries (apart Montenegro) including Sokół, Pono, Martina from Poland, Ego and Cistyhov from Slovakia, Vova iz Lvova and XL Deluxe from Ukraine , Remi from Croatia, S.A.F. from Macedonia, Frenkie from Bosnia and Herzegivina,Mih and Bazyl from Bellarus, Sharks, FKoff from Slovenia, Ill Goverment and Komplex from Serbia, Vladimir and Orion from Czech Republic, Spens from Bulgaria and Ligalize from Russia. You can listen to it here.


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