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April 20, 2009

Anthropological and Cultural Features of a Skeletal Sample of Horsemen from the Medieval Necropolis of Vicenne-Campochiaro

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Abstract: In the medieval necropolis of Vicenne (Italy) among 130 skeletons, thirteen horsemen, recognized on the basis of the contextual burials with horse, have been found. This rite, rarely found in Europe, recalls an Asian rite, attested from the Iron Age to the Age of Migration in nomadic Asian populations. Local and Germanic goods were also found. In order to study the anthropological composition of this population, some morphometrical skeletal features have been analyzed. Heterogeneity both in the horsemen and in the other males of the necropolis has been observed. Besides the multicultural context testified by archaeological data, a multiethnic society seems to emerge by the anthropological analysis. In these Italian territories, involved by migrations, Asian and Germanic population probably crossed with the local ones.

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April 9, 2009

Physical Anthropological Field Report and Comparative Research Results on the Kazaks and Kirghiz from the Peoples Republic of China

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22-paged article on Kazakhs and Kirghiz people, and their physical character. Whole data, like pictures, tables, plates and much more other usefull things are included to that file. To be download here (mirror).

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