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May 2, 2009

Krokraina’s articles on Slavs and Scythians

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Various articles from Krokraina website on Slavs and Scythians, some more, some less interesing. Mainly in English, but also in Russian language 🙂 So better take some dictionary. Later this day I’ll publicate other articles from this site.

Iranian and Slavic languages. Relations throughout the history by D. Edel’man (in Russian)
An excerpt about the secondary “balkanisms” in the morphology, syntax of some Iranian l-s

The Evolution of Slavic Society and the Slavic Invasions in Greece. The First Major Slavic Attack on Thessaloniki, A. D. 597 by Speros Vryonis Jr.

Tamgas (functions of the symbol) by V. Ol’hovskij, 2001 (in Russian). With 9 figures of Sarmatian, Old Turkic, etc. tamgas.

About the Zoroastrianism among the Alans in the VII-IX cc. b y R. Rudnickij, 2001 (in Russian)

The time of the appearence of the Alans in Eastern Europe and their origin by A. Skripkin, 2001 (in Russian)

Istorija v osetinskom predanii by R. Bzarov (in Russian)
Description of the feudal relations, classes in Ossetia and of the institution of “nomilus” (second wife)

The Name SLAV by B. Philip Lozinski

The genesis of the Balkan peoples by Vladimir Georgiev

The position of Albanian by Eric Hamp

“Old Scythia” and the Slavs by O. Trubachev (in Russian)
An excerpt about the etymology of “slovene” (Slav) and its connection with the tribal name “stavana” in Ptolemy.

Temarundam “matres maris” by O. Trubachev (in Russian)
About the ancient names of the Black Sea, and about the Indo-Aryan, but not Iranian, language of the Sindo-Maeotian tribes of southern Scythia.

The tribes of European Sarmatia in the II c. AD by A. Udal’cov (in Russian), with maps

The Outlines of Hungarian Prehistory by D. Sinor

Hudud al-‘Alam, The Regions of the World, A Persian Geography, 372 A.H. – 982 A.D.
with commentaries of V. Minorsky

The Language of the Huns by O. Maenchen-Helfen
Chapter IX of his book, “The World of the Huns”

Studies in the History and Language of the Sarmatians by J. Harmatta

Bernstein, Trubachev on the Balto-South-Slavic isoglosses (in Russian)

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