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February 6, 2012

R1a1a and its subclades at Y-DNA Project (FTDNA)

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Please have a look at these fatastic charts and map of the FamiliTree DNA:

As Polako have noticed (1) there’s a propablity of Prussian (as West Baltic) origin of R1a1a1g2d subclade. (At FT-DNA its marked as Baltic subclade). Most people of it come from northeastern and nothern parts of Poland, eastern German and Lithuanian as well. We have to nitice that many if not most of the people of eastern and especially northeastern Germany have it own origins from ex-German territories (especially German Prussia). The original tribe of Prussians ware of Baltic origin, and ware tough, “barbaric” tribe that fought against Christian invaders (Polish and then “rented” Teutonic Knights). The Teutons have smashed them out of the maps killing as much as they wanted, but as we can figure their genetical heritage remains. As a conclusion we can suggest that many of them ware also simply assimilated into Polish, German and Lithuanian societies, as their paternal dna survived within the male population.

1 – R1a1a1g2d: a paternal genetic signal from the extinct Baltic Prussians in modern Poles and Germans

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