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February 18, 2012

Summary from last four years here

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the Ariets Research Blog (theARB/ ARB) is an anthropological concept blog and the library of so many diffrent kind’s. As anthropological in much wider spectrum than just physical or cultural, also that blog is rather dedicated to all ancient human cultures and its legacies, with few exceptions through.

It started four years ago, and its still on. Prehaps not as frequently updated, but at least from time to time. Lets the spirit of knowledge live here and spread elsewhere. FTW

Few fun/number facts:

  • 1st it was suppouse not to be a blog at all, just a garbage full of links and files;
  • 120x Posts here;
  • 3x Pages here;
  • 100x times better [it is] than Twilight;
  • 24x Categories here;
  • 2x Rules of theARB: 1. Only facts, and valid arguments & 2. Always with source.
  • 22 667x views (all time, once counted)

Hey folks, wanna help?

  • You can always help, just write to me.
  • If you have no idea how, ask google, and then help me.
  • I accept help in any form, you can write even an article or whatever 🙂

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