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March 26, 2014

Slavic identity and music #2

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In 2012 Donatan along with Percival, as well as in co-operation with loads of rapers of polish hip hop scene relased disc called “Równonoc. Słowiańska dusza” as a mixture between hiphop and folk music with highly panslavic/heathen affect. Being one of most  Slavophilistic cd widely know (thanks to commercial succes of it in Poland). Also as a matter of fact Donatan is going to represent Poland in Eurovision fest this year with song  “My Słowianie” (we the Slavs).

In 2010 Hammer of Hate recorded a split with Tormentia and Gammadion with the song . “Słowianie” (Slavs). In same time Gammadion had “Strażnicy lechickiej krwi” (Guardians of Lechtic blood), “Słońce niepokonane” (unbeatable sun) czy “Biali bogowie powrócą” (white gods will return).

Same time Horytnica relased songs “Słowiańska Armia Pracy” ( Slavic Labour Army in “Głos patriotów”) and”Cedynia 972″ (“Historie walk o wolność”).




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