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January 4, 2015

Celto-Slavic similarities

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Combined analysis of languahes, historical sources, burial types, architecture and religion reveals that a part of the Gauls called also Celts were in fact a Western Slavic branch consisting of diffrent tribes who inhabited the lands of ancient France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, etc. These people were responsible for the spread of iron in Central and WEstern Europe and were also the ones to whom the ethnonym Celts was applied for the first time. Unless other andcient testimonies or new archeological discoveries appear, it should be admitted that Slavic tribes inhabited not only Eastern, but also Centreal and Western Europe in the deep antiquity and were strong, highly developed people, who influenced many others. Novel evidence of Slavic presence in Western Europe and British Isles is presented in this paper. Scientific method demands that the opposing arguments and theories have to be considered. Counter evidence and counter arguments are welcome.

Click here to download the file.

Similar paper but in Serbian language below:

Srodnost srpskog i keltskog jezika by Ranka Kuic

Studije Ranke Kuić o srpsko-keltskim paralelema, pionirski poduhvat ove vrste u nas, plod je višedecenijskog naučno-istraživačkog rada. Pored više studijskih boravaka uVelikoj Britaniji, naročitoVelsu, rad na ovoj studiji iziskivao je upoznavanje sa većinomindoevropskih jezika, te kulturom i istorijom Kelta. Sve ovo je omogućilo dr Kuić daznalački sledi veoma često zapletene puteve kojima su keltske reči dospevale u srpski jezik i opisuje metamorfoze koje su u tom procesu trpele.


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