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April 4, 2015

Indo-Aryan and Slavic linguistic affinities predate the origin of cereal farming

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Another interesing paper about Slavic and Indo-Aryan linguistic connection, although here based mostly on Slovenian language which

appears to be gramatically closer to Sanskrit than other Slavic languages and even Indic languages such as Hindi, Bengali andGujarati.

Authors also mention shared y-dna of R1a1 between Slavic and Indo-Aryan populations. Yet their statement that IE expansion, and therefore Slavs came from India is a bit of a joke if you ask me.

Based on the above mentioned genetic markers, one has to conclude that Hg R1a1 chromosomes came from India and reached the Balkans, before Hg N3 expanded between the Baltic and the Black Seas. Also the expansion of Hg I from the Balkans was impededand did not reach India. All of this is in agreement and supports Out of India Theory (OIT) of the ‘satem’ branch of the Indo-European language family. Furthermore, the domestication of cattle in the Indus valley and no indication of domestication of Europeanaurochs (Edwards et al. 2007) further support the OIT.
Yet most modern day scientists reject Out of India Theory (as well as Anatolian and Armenian hypothesis), which can be simply proved by monitoring presence of R1a1 around India and Europe. And apart from that there is enormous amount of archeological, anthropological and genetical evidence that this is not the case.
Also the thing that worries me a bit is that they still use that synthetic old-fashioned division of Indo-European languages, kentum v satem.
Click here to check that file!
To be honest I think that Out of India Theory currently is simply part of some kind of ethnonationalism.

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